Premio. Your Digital
Rewards Program.

Premio empowers you to more effectively engage your
customers and incentivise loyalty with your brand.

Why Premio?

Premio is a leading solution that allows brands to create their own digital rewards program and have total control over them.

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  • Make it your own brand

    Unlike traditional Loyalty Programs, Premio gives you full end-to-end control of your program. Brand it, configure your plans, set up notifications for increased consumer engagement and more. Get in touch with our team to learn more about how you can Premio work for you.

  • Instant customer rewards

    Studies show that repeat customers generate between 3 to 7 times more revenue than new customers per visit to your store. Loyalty programs are imperative in turning new customers to ongoing, loyal customers for your brand. Allow your customers to redeem instant rewards with their loyalty wallets and watch your revenue grow.

  • Secure and trustful

    Premio is a fully secure platform built on the Blockchain. Our team collectively has over 100 years of experience across retail, legal and advisory sectors. With Premio, you can focus on growing your business while Premio handles all the tough stuff.

    Retailer Benefits

    Premio allows you to have your own rewards programme and smartphone app, with in-store and online integration.

    Increase your Average Order Value
    Brands who implement a loyalty program on average, see an average order value increase of 13.71% from their loyalty program customers.

    Offering your own branded rewards program in-store or online lets your customers pay in part or full with your rewards. With increased purchasing power from your program, it’s extra funding your customers can use to buy more frequently and increase their cart size to buy more in a single transaction.
    A smartphone app for your brand and Branded customer rewards
    Create a beautiful customer rewards experience with Premio. Allow your customers to claim codes instantly, push notifications to all of your customers for special offers and reward them for participating.
    A new marketing channel to engage your customers
    Did you know that 81% of consumers state that Loyalty Programs make them more likely to continue doing business with brands?

    By implementing your own branded Loyalty Program, Premio empowers you to increase your revenue generated from existing customers, convert new customers to repeat customers more effectively, and help your brand stand out.

    Ready to reward your customers?

    Send us an email at the link below to tell us about your goals for your business, and we can customise an app and loyalty rewards programme for you.