New marketing opportunities and lower fees

Zap lets you reach and sell to new customers

Retailer benefits

Zap lets you reach and sell to new customers, provides you with new marketing opportunities and lower fees!

Increased sales & average order value (AOV)

Offering Zap payments in-store lets your customers pay in part or full with Zap. With their increased purchasing power from Zap and its extra funding, they can buy sooner and increase their cart size to buy more with each transaction.

Every Zap purchase also gets a rebate! Users can earn as they spend, making it their preferred payment option and giving them extra Zap to shop with next time.

Omni-channel payment solutions
  • Easy in-store and online Zap payment integrations
  • Offer your customers the option to pay partially or fully with Zap
Promotions and brand discovery

List your own unique offers on the in-app content feeds and feature as a part of wider Zap activity to the market.

Grow your shopping audience

Zap empowers you to promote your brand to our many Zap consumers, who will see your brand page both on the Zap app and on the Zap website.


How to Use Zap

To receive payments from your customers, you will need to show them the QR code for your Zap wallet and let them scan it using the Zap app on their smartphone. Your QR code can either be on your own device or printed out on display next to where your customers pay for your products in-store or online. For even more detailed instructions, download our Zap retail guide further below on this page.